Why xGen?


xGen engineers its coatings with a Customer’s “Total Cost of Ownership” view in mind. From product longevity, to cleaning and maintenance programs, to minimized application – reducing your company’s downtime.

xGen Coatings are environmentally friendly products. They are water borne and have low VOC properties. And they’re engineered to be cleaned with hot water and non-harsh, damaging chemicals.

The value-added components of limited slip coatings, durability and other safety features constitute additional savings and recognize cost reductions exceeding monetary benefits but also employee reduced injury.

Our innovative product coatings save money through revolutionary cleaning and maintenance programs. Advanced floor coatings for VCT/vinyl, grout and hard tile surfaces protect against staining, mildew, and bacteria growth.

Reduction of costs associated with cleaning:

  • Excellent ROI
    • Reduced labor
    • No stripping & waxing
    • No special/dangerous chemical consumption
    • No costly equipment
  • Hard, durable, abrasion resistant protection
  • Resistant to mold and bacteria
  • Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti protection
  • Corrosion protection on metals
  • Enhanced slip resistance for improved foot traction

Your experience with xGen gains you:

  • Innovative, world-class technologies
  • Recognized industry thought leaders as chemists and formulators
  • Next-generation product coatings
  • Cleaning and maintenance savings and cost reductions
  • Minimized business disruption/downtime for application
  • Integrity through delivered solutions